Monday, July 14, 2008

Pikes Peak Day 2 Afternoon

After lunch things got more exciting. Wes' to-do list got heavier and everyone found themselves busier as we found more to fix on the car and more to setup around camp. The wind picked up with the weather and while we were working on bodywork, our canopies caught a gust and went flying, breaking a good portion of one of them. Eventually we managed to tie them down via some combination of wheels, a posthole digger, rope and stakes. And repair on the damaged one came via zip ties and wood stakes.

A couple more small issues were found with the brakes as well as a notable clunk in the front suspension. Half the crew was put on that while the other half held down the canopy during the next big gust of wind.

After the bathroom door checklist was dwindled down sufficiently, Wes and Paul C loaded up the car and went to town to try and find somewhere that could align the car.. at 5pm. Only one place in town was still open and their alignment tech was out of town. Meanwhile, the rest of us loaded up and headed for the Garden of the Gods for a hike. We found ourselves high up on one of the larger rock faces in the park with quite a view of Pikes Peak. After the climb, we took a drive through the park eventually coming to pass a small dirt road snaking off to the right. The sign on it read 24 miles to Woodland Park, the nearest town to our campsite. Without hesitation, we veered for that golden egg in the Acura TL we were in and set off. The road was hideously rough at times shaking the car and occupants violently enough to skip the CD. After 10 or 15 miles it smoothed out and became quite a drive. Similar to Pikes Peak in surface, it got everybody excited about the rest of the week. Eventually it came to pavement and we made our way back to the campsite rather uneventfully. A spaghetti dinner was waiting with a big salad and corn on the cob. We ate it around the campfire and discussed adjustments to the itinerary for tomorrow morning. A few last minute adjustments to the new body work we were still massaging and the car is ready for the trailer and an early morning tech. Cross your fingers.

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