Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pikes Peak Day 5

There are few things in the world like waking up with your face pressed against a 55 gallon drum of 104 octane racing fuel. Especially in the back of a race trailer with 5 other guys.. at 3 am.

Once again, somehow everyone is out of bed with minimal complaint and in the truck on the way to the mountain at 3:30 AM. We reached the top section for practice and unloaded the car. The first pass was ok, the second pass much better as we tried a new tire compound. Each pass after that we got quicker and sorted out almost everything left on our list. I didn't want to check times but by the smiles on the crew, I knew we were setting quick times. We wrapped up practice as usual and I took Wes on a tour up to the summit before heading back to the trailer for breakfast and a meeting. During the meeting, a strategy for weight reduction and cooling were discussed and tires were cut in preparation for the last day of practice in the morning.

The remainder of the day was spent knocking out the task list and we were effective in completing everything we laid out.

Family arrived later in the afternoon.. My mom and boyfriend, my sister, my aunt, uncle and cousins all showed up at our campsite and we enjoyed a big dinner.

Having been up since 3, it is time I find some rest before our final day of practice and qualifying.

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