Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pikes Peak Day 4 Afternoon

After practice, we split up into our two vehicles and headed down the mountain. Paul C and his car of goons went back to camp while us truckers decided to stop back at Mildred's Cafe for breakfast. The cheesesteak the day before was unrivaled and as expected, the waffles this morning were mind-blowing.

After breakfast we made way back to camp and everyone found their own version of relaxation. The Cali boys got to jetting their scooters while the rest of us either napped or sat out in lawn chairs taking in the Colorado mountain weather.

Myself, Warren and Merek opted to hit one of the local hiking trails to kill a couple of hours. We got 1.5 miles into a 6 mile trail when we ran out of water and energy and turned it back around. A trip to the grocery store followed to prepare for the steak dinner.

Back to the camp around 2pm, I slid into the camper and hit the hay. Everyone else got to work on the car, cleaning up from this mornings practice. I spent 5 hours in the trailer completely unaware of my surroundings except for the nasty thunder and hail storm that misted my sleeping bag. When I woke, the car was finished and loaded on the trailer and the fire was just getting smokey. Steaks had marinated for the past 3 hours and were just about ready to slap on the grill.

Dinner was exquisite as expected and we're all crashing as PC is finishing up breakfast tacos to circumvent the mutiny that would ensue from a second day of breakfast-free practice.

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