Monday, July 14, 2008

Pikes Peak Day 2 Morning

Camp was quick and easy to set up last night, no complaints from any of the crew. Paul C made a fire while everyone else cleaned out the cargo area in the trailer and set up air mattresses. Wes, the king of snore opted, for the sake of our friendship, to pitch a tent. After sausage wraps and salad, sleep took everyone out quick.

Most people were up and working by about 7:30, some people as late as 8. Pancakes fried with bacon and eggs got people moving. A team meeting gets everything into full swing and within minutes tarps, tools, canopies and tires are organized and the site is ready for a week of work.

The brakes on the car have been squishy and ugly for a while now and we've narrowed it down to a few remaining suspects. Some of them are expensive and impossible to source before race day, some are easy. After some deliberation and experimentation, an adjustment to the brake bias along with a few secret adjustments brought a rock hard brake pedal. So far it has stayed firm, we won't know if we've found a cure or a bandaid until we hit the mountain Wednesday.

The new turbo we just put on the day before leaving hasn't been run at full operating temp or under load yet so we found some leaky crush washers and a few hands under the hood get it fixed quick.

Paul C is back with our flatbed Uhaul we'll be using to transport the car around town for the week and everybody is breaking for sandwiches and carrots. Good timing as the first sprinkle of the daily Colorado showers is beginning to come down.

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